4 Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Might Actually Want

Attribution: Vasyl Dolmatov

Many of us have gone through the same experience. It goes something like this. You get your dad or husband a Father’s Day gift. He opens it, smiles, thanks you and never uses it again.

Shopping for some dads can be tricky. No matter how much they appreciate the thought behind the gift, it never seems to impact their daily lives. After all, most of us are busy people, dads included.

Tech gifts can be a great option for gift-givers with this problem, especially if the product improves the experience of things your dad already does on a regular basis. That way he doesn’t have to make time for any new hobbies. With this idea in mind, let’s dive into some ideas.

4 Father’s Day gifts your dad might actually want

  1. A smart speaker. Smart speakers and other smart home products have become must-haves for tech-lovers in recent years. They are great for everyday tasks like setting alarms, checking the weather and putting on music. It’s the kind of luxury your dad might enjoy but never think to buy for himself.
  2. Headphones. If your dad loves music, podcasts or simply drowning out ambient noise, a nice pair of headphones might be the ideal gift. There’s nothing quite like listening to your favorite songs with a brand new pair of headphones.
  3. A portable charger. We can all relate to the experience of our phone dying in the middle of something. Maybe it’s on a plane while we are listening to music. Maybe it’s on a road trip when we need the navigation to find our way. A nice portable charger can be a lifesaver for times like this. If your dad doesn’t already own one, this could be a great gift, especially if he is a frequent traveler.
  4. Your time. It might sound cheesy, but if you live far away or never seem to have the time to stop by, your dad probably just wants some quality time. It’s possible that the perfect Father’s Day gift is taking your dad out to dinner, stopping by for a barbecue or even just giving him a call.

Hopefully these suggestions helped spark ideas for the father in your life. It’s not always easy to shop for dads, but when you find the right gift, the reaction is definitely worth it.

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