A Closer Look at the LG WING™ 5G


The LG WING™ 5G is an innovative new smartphone that reshapes the mobile experience with its versatile dual screen and other impressive features. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this phone so exciting.

Get more from your favorite apps with a second screen

  • Video control board: You can control the video you’re watching on the horizontal screen by using the control board on the bottom screen.
  • Dual recording: When you’re recording video or taking pictures, you can use the rear camera to view the subject of your picture and the front camera to view yourself at the same time.
  • Video with snapshot: Take a video while previewing a snapshot at the same time.
  • Enlarge phone with Gallery: You can see a full list of gallery images and enlarge a certain picture at the same time.
  • Video editing palette: Take a video while previewing a snapshot at the same time.
  • Virtual meetings on mobile: View presentation slides on one screen while watching the presenters on the other.

Take advantage of two apps at once

  • Video chat: Watch videos in landscape mode while chatting without changing the direction of your phone.
  • Video surfing: You can search for information while watching videos in Full Screen mode without shifting between apps.
  • Navigation: You can use your navigation app and take calls or control music without any kind of screen interference.
  • App pair: Activate two apps at the same time with App Pairing.

Enjoy 5G service

The LG WING 5G has the ability to connect to a 5G network, which will allow you to enjoy  fast wireless service if you have an AT&T 5G wireless plan.

Take stunning photos

Capture the essence of a scene or picture with photos and videos that stay crisp even when you zoom in.

Video with firm grip: Shoot your videos with a stable one-handed grip, so that your videos don’t turn out shaky.

Gimbal Like Camera: Like a gimbal, this phone provides a top level of stabilization for video recording, which makes it easy to shoot smooth, stable videos.

Create for hours with a long-lasting battery

Stay connected all day with a 4,000 mAh battery.

Why get your LG WING 5G from AT&T?

The wireless plan you choose can have a huge impact on the quality of your mobile experience. For example, if your plan doesn’t offer 5G service, you won’t be able to enjoy the full benefits of your new 5G phone. The good news is that AT&T now has the fastest nationwide 5G network,1 to help you make the most of your new phone. There is also a great offer on the LG WING 5G from AT&T, and if you order online, you’ll even get free delivery and expert setup through AT&T Right to You.2

This article is AT&T sponsored content written by Matt Johnsen, a TechBuzz contributor. The statements in this article are his own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.

  1. Based on AT&T analysis of Ookla® Speedtest Intelligence® data median 5G download speeds for Q3 2020 comparing ‘nationwide’ 5G networks. 5G Coverage analysis based on carrier’s public statements. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission. AT&T 5G requires compatible device and plan. Coverage not available everywhere. Visitatt.com/5Gforyouto learn more.
  2. Select areas only. Services provided by AT&T or an authorized provider.
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