An Up-Close Look at the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Tech fans like me love to watch as technology evolves and improves. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is an exciting next step in the development of foldable smartphones. It delivers a great customer experience, with plenty of groundbreaking features. Let’s take a look at what makes this phone so exciting.


·      Compact-Fold

Galaxy Z Flip’s sleek Compact-Fold lets you flip between a larger setting that is great for working and streaming, to a smaller, easy-to-hold setting that is perfect for taking your phone on-the-go.

·      Foldable Glass display

Seamless and immersive, the 6.7-inch Ultra-Thin Glass display1 is an innovative, foldable glass screen that flips closed to fit easily in your bag or pocket.

·      Cinematic Infinity Display

The Cinematic Infinity Display combines a sleek form with cinematic brilliance. An expansive 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen fits into a deceptively compact form, so you can enjoy big screen drama in the palm of your hand.


·      Hands-free photos and videos

The Galaxy Z Flip is great for taking hands-free photos and videos. You can open up the Galaxy Z Flip and set it on nearly any surface to record video and take pictures from multiple angles.

·      Ultra-wide Photography

Capture the entire shot with the UltraWide Lens. This is an awesome feature for expansive landscape photos or big group portraits.

·      Night Photography

Galaxy Z Flip’s night-time hyperlapse is perfect for low light photography. It records at multiple frame rates and adapts to what you’re recording to ensure you capture stellar footage, even in the dark.

User Interface

·      Flex Mode

Flex Mode will let you use select apps on one half of your screen while you preview them  on the other. This can help with tasks like chatting, recording content, or editing videos.

·      Cover Display

Get convenient notifications, even when your phone is closed, on the cover display. If something catches your interest, you can seamlessly flip open to full screen for a bigger view with App Continuity.2

·      Multi Active Window

These days, many of us use our smartphone to do multiple things at once. Multi Active Window3 is perfect for this. You can use multiple apps at once, drag and drop between apps, and multitask in style, with a stunning, split-screen experience.

Get your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip from AT&T

Starting this Valentine’s Day, customers can order online or visit select AT&T stores in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City to get their hands on one of these exciting phones. Initial supplies are limited, so don’t wait.

This article was written by Matt Johnsen, a TechBuzz contributor. The statements in this article are his own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.

Legal Stuff

  1. Display measurements are diagonal, and actual viewable area is less due to rounded corners and camera hole punch.
  2. App Continuity works with select applications; compatible apps growing through third party developers.
  3. Multi Active Window works with select applications; compatible apps growing through third party developers.






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