AT&T Trade-in Deals: How it Works

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With AT&T’s new smartphone offers, both new and existing customers can get its best smartphone deals on a great selection of new devices. Some offers require the trade-in of an eligible smartphone, and in this post I’ll give you a quick rundown of the AT&T trade-in process.

How the AT&T Trade-in Program works

When you trade in an eligible smartphone in good working condition within 30 days of activating your new smartphone, you may be eligible to receive bill credits associated with the particular device offer over the term of your installment agreement (30 months).
The smartphone trade-in process has just a few simple steps:

  1. Shop for a new smartphone: AT&T offers the latest smartphones, including the new iPhone 14.
  2. Choose the trade-in option: Once you have picked a new smartphone, choose the trade-in option under “Trade in a smartphone and save” on the device configuration page.
  3. Find out what your old smartphone is worth: Provide the brand and model of the smartphone you will be trading in to help determine the amount of credits you will be eligible to receive.
  4. Complete your order & checkout.
  5. Send your trade-in to AT&T: AT&T will send you prepaid shipping supplies, so that you can send in your current smartphone at no cost.
  6. Receive the AT&T smartphone offer bill credits: You will receive the appropriate smartphone offer monthly bill credits within 2-3 billing cycles after the trade-in is completed successfully, and provided you meet all other offer requirements.

Upgrading at a local store? Take your new smartphone home right away

If you are upgrading at a local AT&T store, there’s another option for the trade-in process. Once you agree to a trade-in deal, you can take home your new smartphone that day, and the store rep will have a prepaid shipping kit sent to your home.
This way, you’ll have some time to remove your information from your old smartphone or transfer anything important over to your new smartphone. Next, you can put the old smartphone in the prepaid shipping kit and send it to AT&T.

What if my smartphone has zero trade-in value?

Unfortunately, not every smartphone will be worth much for trade-in. If your old smartphone has a trade-in value of zero, you can still mail it in for recycling, or you can recycle it at your local AT&T store.

Get your next smartphone from AT&T

Hopefully, this post gave you a sense for how you can trade in your smartphone towards something newer and more exciting. Now that you understand how that process works, it might be a good time to look at some phone deals and see what new smartphones might interest you. If you order a smartphone online from AT&T, you’ll also get free delivery and expert setup with AT&T Right to You.*

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