What’s the best tablet for my kid?

Best Tablet for Kids

You may have noticed some not-so-subtle hints that it’s time to get a tablet for the youngest member of your family.

  • Your tablet tends to disappear and, when found, is usually underneath a stuffed gorilla.
  • You keep wiping peanut butter fingerprints off the screen.
  • Video games take up most of the space on your tablet’s hard drive.

All kidding aside, kids and tablets are a great fit. Tablets are lightweight, portable, and the touchscreen interfaces are easy to learn. Plus, most tablets are much cheaper than laptop computers. The main factors to consider when looking for a kid’s tablet are age and need. When you’re looking for the best tablet for kids, think cheap, rugged, and protected.

Tablets for toddlers

If your kid is under the age of six, look for educational tablets to help them get ready for school. Most of these “toy tablets” are kid friendly, with preloaded content and parental controls. Most have a colorful case that protects the tablet and makes it easier to hold, like the one on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Kids Edition. Look for:

  • Well-designed parental controls and apps that are educational, but also fun for kids on long car rides
  • Kids-safe Wi-Fi® connection to access online games, videos, and websites that you can pre-approve
  • Tablets that let you set up an account according to a child’s age and that deliver the right apps for that age group
  • Front- and rear-facing cameras, so kids can dabble in photography and even make simple videos

School-age dilemma

When your kid gets into elementary school, your tablet choices get a little more complicated. Kids want tablets to help them with school, but they also want access to popular apps and games. Parents still want enough control to protect their children, especially when they go online. Fortunately, there are tablets that satisfy kids and parents alike.

  • Check out tablets, specifically designed for older kids, that come with protective cases and replacement warranties.
  • Look for features like AT&T Purchase Blocker to prevent kids from buying unauthorized apps or games.
  • Consider a tablet that’s lightweight, has good screen resolution, and gives kids heading toward middle school a full range of apps and games.

Teen machines

Because a high-school kid is usually responsible enough to handle a higher-end tablet, choose one that fits into your family lifestyle. If your child already has a cell phone or a computer, look at tablets with compatible operating systems. High-end tablets can be more expensive, but you can still find great deals if you shop around.

No matter which tablet you choose, make sure your teens can download educational content from trusted sites. You may still need parental controls to set time limits and approve app categories, even for older kids.

When choosing tablet specifications, be mindful of storage space. More storage space means you can install more apps, take more pictures, and download more movies and music for long trips. A microSD card slot to expand your storage capability is a good idea, too. Because most tablets can be set up for multiple users, you can dedicate one for the kids. Then, you might finally be able to get your hands on your own tablet … after the kids are asleep, of course.

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