Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad

fathers day gifts

Make this Father’s Day special with smart, unique gifts for Dad. Keep this list to help you plan for his birthday, too!

Every year, you wonder what to get Dad as a Father’s Day gift. And every year, you end up with grilling tools, a tie, or a gift card.

Change it up with a list of Father’s Day gift ideas for all kinds of dads. You still have time to get your gifts before this weekend! If you’re shopping with AT&T, you can get most smartphones delivered the same day with AT&T Right to YouSM.


More power to him. If he’s browsing, streaming, video chatting, or just seems unable to put his phone down, it’s guaranteed he needs a regular recharge. Today’s portable battery chargers are getting lighter and more powerful. This is a gift he’ll appreciate for a long time.

Fitness savvy

If your active dad doesn’t already have a smartwatch or fitness tracker, it’s time to bring him into this century. He needs to see his progress, set goals, and preview his texts on the fly. There’s a lot to consider before you buy: GPS tracking, music storage, waterproof ratings, and much more.


What Dad needs is an electronic personal assistant. Imagine Dad in the kitchen, putting together an incredible dinner. As he works, he wants to double-check the recipe for one of his dishes. He notices he’s running low on a couple of ingredients. Suddenly, he has a flash of brilliance about the way he’d like to prepare the main course, next time. Now, look at his hands. Is that ground beef or raw turkey? That’s right, he needs to do all of this, hands-free. If he has a connected home or device, he can just start talking to:

  • Create a grocery list
  • Review a recipe
  • Send himself reminders

Movie buff

In my house, Dad loves streaming movies and shows wherever he goes. Sometimes that’s no further than the backyard or the garage, so Wi-Fi® will do just fine. But when the family goes out, if he’s not driving, he’s glued to his smartphone screen. If your dad is a traveling couch potato, he’ll need a cell phone plan with unlimited data. You might need to discuss this one with Mom, but you can help make it happen.


Yes, some dads really do love talking and texting, so check his phone. If it’s looking worn out, this is a great time for a smartphone upgrade. You can even set up hand-delivery from an Enjoy Expert, who will set up the new phone for him! Save time and let Dad know he deserves special treatment today.


If your dad has a smartphone—and what dad doesn’t, nowadays?—he’ll probably need these no matter what he’s into. But if he loves hiking, fishing, or anything combining active fun and probable mud, 2 accessories are required—a great set of headphones and a waterproof phone case. Take music to go, completing the theme set by whatever backdrop he’s exploring. And keep the phone safe, just in case it lands somewhere along the trail.


Nope, he can’t even take a break for Father’s Day. Instead of razzing him, make his job a little easier. Can he work from a personal device, but he doesn’t want to lug a laptop around? Look into a larger-screen tablet as a lightweight alternative. It’s big enough to make on-screen typing and reading complex spreadsheets a lot easier than on his smartphone. You might even sneak on a couple of games when you set it up for him, so he remembers to relax and have fun once in a while!

This article is AT&T sponsored content written by Mireille Larkins, a TechBuzz contributor and AT&T employee. The statements in this article are his own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.

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