Fitness Tech to Help You Meet Your Health and Wellness Goals

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Many of us have fitness goals, like running our first marathon or benching heavier than we’d ever imagined. Others opt for overall health and wellness goals, like changing their diet, meditating more, and just living an overall healthier life. Read on to discover the fitness tech that can help you stick with your fitness plan, give you workout motivation, and more.

Add a smartwatch to your regimen

Whether you’re training for a marathon, keeping an eye on your heart rate or just trying to keep track of how many yoga classes you take each week, a smartwatch is a great way to keep on top of your health and wellness goals. It helps you keep track of your activity and heart rate as you’re breaking a sweat, and helps you monitor your sleep. Just make sure you add a screen protector to spare your new investment from scratches or bumps, and consider a sports-friendly strap for more comfort and breathability when you’re working out.

Try a fitness tracker

Though a smartwatch has a lot of ways to help you keep on top of your fitness plan, you might also want to download something like My Fitness Pal, which can not only help you track your activity, but also monitor your caloric intake using a database of foods based on cuisine, restaurants and grocery store faves, set and update your fitness goals to keep you on track, and keep an eye on your health.

Invest in a workout app

But meeting your fitness goals isn’t just about tracking your progress—it’s also about making sure you’re doing activities you love so you’ll stay committed to your goals. After all, if it’s not fun, you won’t stick with it. A workout app that has a great library of content to choose from can help you find the workouts you love—and help you stick with them.

One great choice is the Peloton app, which you can use even if you don’t have a bike. In addition to fantastic cycling classes, they also have running programs you can do off a treadmill, great yoga classes, and empowering strength classes, just to name a few. There’s also the women-friendly Obe Fitness app, including selections ranging from intense HIIT cardio classes to dance to boxing. It’s a great way to manage your fit plan.

Download a meditation app

Don’t neglect your mental fitness while you’re working on your physical fitness! Stress can zap your gains and negatively affect your sleep patterns, which can make it harder to stay motivated to stick with your workouts. Calm has guided meditations that can help with stress and anxiety, and even help you sleep. They also have mindfulness programs that can help you stay present and focused.

Don’t forget to hydrate

No matter what your fitness goals, getting enough H2O is always important. Sure, a regular old water bottle will do, but you can up your hydration game with the Tylt Insulated Wireless Charging Bottle. Not only does it offer a 24oz capacity, but it also gives you Qi wireless charging capabilities with a portable battery pack offering a 5,700-mAh battery. So you can charge up physically, and technically when you’re on the go.

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