Free Phone Deals from AT&T

If you’re a savvy shopper, you’re probably always looking for the best phone deals. Of course, the ideal option would be a free phone, but nobody is giving phones away, right? Well, yes and no.  AT&T actually does have a few deals where you can get a new phone for as low as zero dollars per month after tax, but you’ll need to meet some specific requirements. Here’s how it works.

Free Phone Deals from AT&T: Everything You Need to Know

The AT&T free phone deals work like this. You buy a new phone on an AT&T Installment plan. You can do this whether or not you’re a current AT&T customer, but you’ll need to have paid off your previous phone in full first. Depending on the specific deal, you’ll also need to trade in your existing phone as well. You’ll pay full sales tax at the time of sale, but then you’ll get back the entire retail cost of the phone over time in the form of bill credits, so that you end up paying as low as zero dollars per month for your new phone. In other words, the bill credits you get will cancel out the cost of your monthly payments.

How does the trade-in work?

Essentially, you have to mail your old phone to AT&T within thirty days in order to get your bill credits. You’ll also have to make sure the phone you’re trading in is paid off, unlocked, and an eligible model.  Keep in mind that your model of phone can also impact the size of your bill credits. Be sure you understand the specifics of your particular device going into the deal.

Can I switch phone carriers without paying?

In some cases, you can. It depends on if you already own your existing phone outright. It also depends on the arrangement you have with your current carrier. For example, if you still owe money on your old phone with your current carrier, you’re going to need to pay that off before you switch to AT&T.

How to switch to AT&T.

Is AT&T offering any deals on 5G phones?

Yes, a lot of AT&T’s phone deals, including all of the free phone deals mentioned here, are on 5G phones. Just make sure you’re in an area with 5G service, or you won’t be able to take advantage of that technology.

AT&T free phone deals.

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