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Your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, your best friend… whoever it is you’re shopping for, that special woman in your life deserves the best, but sometimes finding the best gifts for her can be challenging. How do you find something that perfectly reflects the wonderful person she is? As you’re looking for gift ideas for her, consider this curated list of gifts to help you decide.

A new phone (or new to them)

It may be a bit on the extravagant side, but who wouldn’t love to get a brand new phone as a holiday gift? A new smartphone is one of the best gifts for her that will win you major brownie points. Whether you go with a hot new model or choose from an AT&T Certified Pre-Owned phone, giving the gift of texting, streaming, and good old conversation all in one device is never bad form. If the her you’re gifting has the gift of the gab, make sure you choose a smartphone with a long battery life and quick charging capabilities. Of course, to get service for these things they’ll also need to sign up for a wireless plan.

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Accessories for her new phone—or her old one

It doesn’t matter if her smartphone is the latest and greatest, or if it’s a older model—phone accessories always make the list for one of the best gifts for her. You could go with a clear phone case that still offers strong protection, a phone case with a little bling to bring a little extra style, or a phone case that’s a little more rugged for those with butterfingers. A screen protector is always a good idea, especially if it’s antimicrobial and enhances privacy. A charging station is a must have, especially if she has more than once device to charge. And a fancy phone grip that is easy to slide into a phone holder that attaches to a car vent makes life easier on every level. Just make sure that any accessories you choose are compatible with her particular phone.

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Scented candles to set the mood

You’ve probably seen scented candles featured on every list of gift ideas for her, but not all scented candles are created equally. Some scented candles truly break the mold with toxin-free coconut and soy wax, cotton wicks and 50 hours of burn time. And then there’s incredible scent profiles like blends of balsam fir, musk and winter spice, or unique formulations featuring vintage lipstick, amarena cherry, and glace violet. Buy one, or a six pack, and watch her home transform into a scented, tranquil wonderland.

A tablet to keep her on top of things on the go

Maybe the lady in your life likes reading, taking her favorite streaming shows with her from room to room, or having a more lightweight option that she can take traveling to keep her connected from all over the world. That’s where a tablet can come in handy. You can choose from a variety of options, some that feature a crystal clear display, an excellent camera for pictures or video calls, and long battery life so she doesn’t lose connection mid call, mid e-mail, or mid show. Of course, using some of these features will also require a data plan.

Accessories to protect her tablet—and make it more functional

Again, your giftee can always benefit from the addition of tablet accessories whether you’ve gifted her a new one, or she wants to jazz up her existing tablet. A folio is a great place to start—it help protect the screen from dust and grime. And if she takes her tablet on the go for work, a portable keyboard is a must-have tablet accessory.

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A gift card to help her add to her personal library

Gift cards aren’t always a cop-out gift—especially when it does good and supports her literary pursuits. With the right gift card from an online book retailer, she can shop her favorite authors and fill up her cart to her heart’s content.

A smartwatch

They say that time is a gift—and that’s especially true when you gift a smartwatch. Of course, it’s great for making sure she’s on time… but the right smartwatch will also accept calls, connect to her smartphone, monitor her heart rate when she’s working out, track temperature and sleep changes, and more. They also typically come in a variety of watchband colors to suit her unique style, or you can swap out the band for something a little more original.

The perfect house plants

From blossoming blooms to fussy fronds to low-maintenance, low-light sprigs of green, the right plant can transform a space and bring personality to your giftee’s home. So why not bring them the gift of a plant picked just for them? Options range from pet-friendly plants to plants that thrive in low light to high-maintenance plants for those with a green thumb, making it easy to pick the right greens for your girl.

Earbuds or headphones to really tune in

Podcasts, music, and important phone calls all need her undivided attention. With a pair of earbuds or over the ear earphones, she can block out the outside world with noise-cancelling capabilities and really tune into what she’s listening to.

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