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Dads and brothers, boyfriends and best friends, every single one of them should get a knockout gift (or six). When you’re on the hunt for the perfect thing to convey your love and appreciation, it can be hard to choose the right gifts for him that will make him smile. That’s why I’ve created a list of gift ideas for him—so you can make gift-giving easier. From new smartphones and smartwatches, to must-have accessories, to caffeine and massage tools to keep him going, I’m willing to bet you’ll find something special.

A brand new phone

Whether he’s still rocking his old flip phone or he’s super into new tech, a brand new phone is probably tops on a list of gifts for him. You could go with one of the latest and greatest smartphones, or if “new to him” will do the trick, try looking for an AT&T Certified Pre-Owned phone. A long battery life and quick charging is key if your guy loves chatting, streaming, or gaming. But if he just digs the basics, choose a phone that has a good camera and maybe some pre-loaded apps you know he’ll love.

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Headphones or earphones to enhance his listening experience

Maybe he loves music (and listening to it loudly), or he likes enriching his brain with the latest investigative podcast, or he’s on calls all the time and wants to block out any outside noise so he can conduct business (or gossip) in peace. Whatever the reasoning, a pair of earbuds or over the ear earphones are great gifts for him. Consider ones with , so he can rock out, learn, or chit chat to his heart’s content.

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A percussive massage tool to work out sore muscles

It doesn’t matter if he’s not a big workout fan—the man in your life probably still gets sore muscles from sitting at his desk, or driving, or just existing as a human being. If he doesn’t have time to go get a massage, a percussive massage tool is one of the best gifts for him to help him work out those knots and get a better night’s sleep. You can get the giant version that will pulverize his shoulders into pudding, or try a smaller travel-friendly version he can take with him on the run.

A charging station to keep everything powered up

With a new phone in his arsenal, one of the best gifts for him is definitely a charging station. You could go with a simple stand that allows him to use his phone while it’s powering up, or you could take it next level with a 3-in-1 charging station that will juice up his phone, earbuds, and smartwatch all at the same time.

Accessories to protect his phone—and make it more functional on the go

As everyone knows, your phone is so much more than just your phone. It’s also your entertainment center, your office on-the-go, and your refuge from the outside world. Make it easier for him to make the most of his new phone with some must-have accessories, like a car mount or a bike mount that make it easier for him to see maps and music selections while out and about. A heavy-duty phone case like this one will help protect it from drops and bumps, and even help inhibit microbial growth. And if he’s big on gaming, an adaptable gaming controller can turn his phone into a portable arcade.

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A coffee subscription service

Most subscription services will send you a box full of things that are only half useful. But if your guy is big into coffee, a coffee subscription service that introduces him to ethically-sourced java from independent roasters is definitely one of the must-have gifts for him.

A smartwatch to help him monitor his health

Gifting for guys is not always the easiest thing to do, but we’re betting you could easily put a smile on his face when you gift him a smartwatch. Much like his phone, a smartwatch is so much more than a watch. If he signs up for a data plan for his smartwatch he might even be able to

A bespoke pillow made just for him

Nobody likes tossing and turning in their sleep—especially if you sleep next to someone who tosses and turns. Have you explored whether or not he has the right pillow to help him sleep? It might be time to invest in a custom-made pillow that’s crafted just for him to help him get his zzzzs. Either share his height, weight, and preferred sleeping position to have a pillow made just for him, or get him a gift card so he can go through the process himself.

Something to help him keep track of his stuff

Does your dude misplace his gym bag, lose his backpack, or put his workout sneakers in the wrong closet all the time, only to go on a mad hunt for them when it’s time to go for a run? The solution to that problem can be found in a nifty little digital tracker that he can attach to the stuff he misplaces most. Just pair it with a smart phone, attach it to the thing in question with a handy little loop, and when the thing in question “goes missing,” he can use his phone to track it down. Voila! No more missing anything.

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