Gifts for Movie Lovers

It’s pretty safe to say that almost everyone loves movies, but there’s a deeper category of people who really love movies—to the point where they’ll debate plots of old films and fill your ears with trivia and facts from golden-age Hollywood. If you know someone like that, chances are you’re looking for gift ideas for movie lovers to help you show appreciation for them and their passion. Check out some great gifts for movie lovers below, ranging from the perfect home theater lighting, to an opportunity to learn from one of the greats.

A good satellite or streaming option

Every movie lover needs a good at-home setup—which is why one of the best gifts for movie lovers is a good streaming or satellite service. Whether you want to gift them by covering their set-up fees and first month, or you want to give them a whole year of streamed or satellite goodness, your giftee will love the convenience and vast volume of films they’ll suddenly have at their fingertips

A device that makes any TV smart

Here’s one of our favorite gift ideas for movie lovers: if your giftee has a slightly older model of TV that doesn’t come loaded with all the popular streaming services, it’s prime time you widened their viewing possibilities with a smart TV device. Just plug the device into an HDMI port on the back of their TV, connect it to Wi-Fi, and voila! They’ll have instant access to a massive number of movies in 4K HDR (if their TV supports that resolution). And the system will even connect to other smart home devices.

A Wi-Fi extender

Speaking of Wi-Fi—all that streaming needs a strong and reliable internet connection. That’s where a Wi-Fi extender comes in. Gift this to your movie-loving giftee, and they’ll be able to increase their coverage by up to 1000 feet. Now they won’t have to panic about their movie buffering right before the climax of the third act! Just make sure the extender you pick out is compatible with their internet plan.

A gift card to see movies on the big screen

It doesn’t matter how good your giftee’s at-home setup is—sometimes nothing beats seeing movies on the big screen, surrounded by hundreds of strangers excited for opening night. That’s why a gift card to their favorite movie theater is one of the best gifts for movie lovers. You can choose from a digital or physical card and load it up with an amount that fits your budget.

A great lighting set-up

These days, every room can have its own mood lighting thanks to smart bulbs that can be programmed to softly light a room, or give it a splash of color to match the action happening on a TV screen. And it’s a must for home theaters. Strip lights are another great option—their flexibility makes it easy to run them around the ceiling so the entire room is bathed in technicolor from every angle. But if less is more and you think your giftee would prefer the more subdued choice of just jazzing up a table lamp, a smart plug can bring that lamp into the future and make it easy to program to match whatever programming is on TV.

A good pair of headphones

Maybe the movie lover in your life has a roommate or lives somewhere with thin walls, and can’t enjoy their things-go-boom action movies at the volume they want. Make their viewing experience more immersive with a good pair of over-the-ear headphones. This way, they can feel like they’re in a theater, and watch as long as they want without interrupting anyone else around them.

An opportunity to learn from the best in the biz

If your giftee is a true cinephile, chances are they’ve sung the praises of some of their favorite film makers and actors. And while you might not be able to get them a face-to-face sit-down with any of these legends, there are some great options out there for online classes where some of these people will walk them through the art of filmmaking. Who knows? Giving your loved one access to a class like this might just help them advance their passion into a new career.

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