Gifts Under $25 From AT&T

The holidays are going to be here before you know it, which means it’s already time to start planning for holiday gifts. But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to find good tech gifts to give to everyone on your list. In fact, you can find some great gifts for $25 or less. Check out some options below.


Okay, so these holiday gifts are kind of a cheat, but they still count. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars on a tablet, you can actually get a decent tablet for under $25 a month (on approved credit) for a loved one, or even yourself.

Another way to score a tablet for less than $25 per month is to choose a slightly older (but still powerful) model, or trade in your current tablet for a new one. A netbook is another great cost-effective option that gives you some tablet-like capabilities, but with a little less stress on your wallet in many cases.


The world of tech watches has exploded in recent years, giving everyone a serious case of FOMO with each successive release. But the recipients on your gift list can enjoy the latest smartwatches for as little as $12.50 per month (on approved credit). The same rules apply here: once you choose the model you want (whether it’s one of the latest smart watch on the market, or something a little older to save more cash), you can pay for your holiday gift using an installment plan, with the option to bring the monthly price down a little bit more by trading in another model.


With the amount of time we all spend on our phones, no doubt the people you’re gifting to want to stay powered up all day long. Help them meet their charging needs with any one of these tech gift options, from a fast-charging wall charger to a super-fast wireless charging pad. Power banks also come in really handy for those on the go. All told, you’ll shell out as little as $10 to give someone the gift of uninterrupted texting.

Phone protection

Even the most sure-handed people unintentionally fumble their phones, so who wouldn’t love the holiday gift of some extra phone protection? A screen protector can protect your loved one’s phone for as little as $10. Phone cases also offer an additional level of protection.

Phone holders

A phone grip that corresponds with a car-friendly phone holder is always a crowd pleaser. If your intended giftee already has a phone grip (or doesn’t want one), a universal car mount is still a welcome accessory—especially for those who like to see their GPS at eye height while they drive.

For your more athletic types, a bike mount is a good option to keep their phone steady while they’re riding across the city, or listening to tunes while shredding an off-road trail. A phone holder will run you from $15 to $20.

Other tech accessories

What kind of tech gifts do you get the person who already has everything? How about some additional peripherals so they can get more enjoyment out of them? A noise-canceling headset that works for calls, listening to music, and even gaming is a great way to cover all the bases, but if you know someone who always loses their earphones, an old-school, inexpensive pair of ear buds could also do the trick.

If they already have a smartwatch, why not get them another watch band they can swap into to meet their fashionable needs? And here’s the best part: not only will that make your giftee happy, but all these will cost you less than $25 apiece.

This article is AT&T sponsored content written by Carly Milne, a TechBuzz contributor. The statements in this article are her own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.

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