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It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts, especially when you’re doing some budgetary planning. For those on your list who deserve something extra special, why not go the extra mile with some great gifts under $250? There are a lot of gadgets and accessories that can make the holidays a little brighter for everyone on your list. So, if you’re debating what are good gifts under $250, let this list guide you in the right direction—and help bring some holiday cheer.

Ear buds

Sure, the ear buds that come with your gift recipient’s phone will do the basics, but when you really want to help them take their audio experience to the next level, ear buds are a must on the tech gifts list. Some of the features you should look for include noise canceling capabilities, a built-in microphone that offers crystal clear sound for phone calls, immersive sound for listening to tunes, a comfortable fit (with a variety of sized options for the eartips), and long listening time (six to eight hours of continual listening on a single charge is ideal).

If your intended giftee is into fitness, it’s also a good idea to look for a pair of ear buds that are water resistant. You don’t want their brand-new buds to short out right in the middle of an intense sweat session!


When it comes to holiday gifts, the audiophiles or gamers in your life will definitely want a stellar pair of on-ear or over-the-ear headphones. It’s a great way to create an immersive experience, whether they’re slaying dragons or rocking out to their favorite band. In both instances, noise cancelling headphones are key—it really does make a world of difference for your giftee’s auditory experience. It’s also important to choose a pair that are lightweight, so they don’t weigh down your giftee’s head when they settle in for a long listening or gaming session. Also, make sure you get your giftee a pair that holds a charge for a good, long time—somewhere in the ballpark of 35 hours of continual use. There’s nothing worse than nearing the end of a game or being in the zone with a great playlist, and losing juice right when it matters most.

If full-size headphones seem like a little much, go for a headset instead. Headsets offer many of the same benefits as full-size headphones—like noise canceling and a lightweight, comfortable fit—in a more compact size.

Charging stations

For the tech obsessed giftee, chances are they have all the latest and greatest toys—which means they probably need a way to keep them powered up. Enter the charging station as one of the most coveted tech gifts. Think of a charging station like a one-stop shop for any technophile’s needs, with the capability to charge a phone, smartwatch, and even ear buds all at once. Not only do they power up a variety of tech using wireless technology, but most charging stations are aesthetically pleasing, so they fit seamlessly into pretty much every kind of décor.

Wireless speakers

Whether your gift recipients love sharing their tunes with the entire household, or they just need the latest podcast to help them through their morning routine, a wireless speaker is one of the best holiday gifts. You could get a fancy speaker that comes with its own LED light show, or a speaker that doubles as a charger and connects with other smart home technology.

For a surround sound experience, you can get a speaker that will connect with other like-minded speakers to really rock out. And if your giftee loves to travel, pick a speaker that’s a bit more rugged with some water resistance and a willingness to stand up to the elements.

Smart home tech

Maybe your friends and family are new to the world of smart home tech, or maybe they’ve dipped their toe in and they’re ready to dive in. Either way, you have a variety of smart home tech gifts available to help make their holiday extra special. From thermostats to outdoor/indoor cameras to video doorbells to a hub that controls it all, you’ll have everything you need to help your giftee launch their home into the future.

Other tech accessories

There are some other fun gadgets and tech goodies that make great holiday gifts and tech gifts. For example? The road trippers on your list will love a portable power station that can not only charge their phone, but it can even jumpstart their car. Tablet users can always use a portable keyboard to make it easier to take their work wherever they please. And, for those in your crew who love to go old school, how about a portable record player that lets you listen to vinyl anytime, anywhere? Whatever you choose, no doubt your holiday gifts will be appreciated!

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