How to Give an iPad as a Gift

Finding the perfect gift can be tricky, especially for special occasions like holidays, graduation, or Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But whether you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas or just want to get that special someone something you know they’ll love, gifting an iPad is a surefire way to make someone happy. Gifting the latest iPad is a great way to help your intented stay connected, ensuring they have an easy and fun way to manage their To-Do list, stay on top of work no matter where they are, and even stream their favorite shows.

But what if your mom already has an iPad, your dad doesn’t have a wireless plan to support a tablet, or you don’t know which generation to get? Read on to find out more about how to give an iPad as a gift!

How to choose the right iPad for a gift

Before you buy an iPad for someone you love, it helps to know what they’re going to use it for. No matter which iPad you get, they’re all crafted with top-of-the-line displays, which ensures your giftee will be able to watch their favorite shows and videos with exceptional clarity. But there are other usage needs you’ll want to keep in mind while you’re shopping.

For example, will they be using it mostly at home, or taking it on the road with them when they travel? Knowing this will help you decide whether you need a version that only has Wi-Fi connectivity, or if you need one that will connect to a wireless cellular network. And if they’re using it for work or to create art, you may need to invest in accessories such as a wireless keyboard or Apple Pencil.

Lastly, are you on a budget, or does your giftee not really care about having the latest and greatest iPad? You can always consider investing in an older model of iPad, such as the iPad 10th generation or iPad 9th generation. You may be able to find older models that have been refurbished for an even greater savings, but make sure you’re buying from reputable dealers.

Don’t forget: if you shop with AT&T and order your iPad gift online, you can choose free shipping, in-store pickup, or same-day delivery.

What is the newest iPad?

The latest iPad is the iPad Pro, which comes in two different sizes—there’s a 12.9-inch version and an 11-inch version. They both feature a Liquid Retina display- with an antireflective coating on the screen for a crystal clear view, with 4K video recording and a five-element lens for taking incredible pictures and videos. They also have a rechargable lithium-polymer battery that boasts up to ten hours of screen time on a single charge.

But the 12.9-inch version pulls ahead with a 2D backlighting system and a higher pixel resolution. You can compare iPad models here. No matter which one you choose, an Apple iPad is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts.

How to add an iPad to your wireless plan

Let’s say you gift someone with an iPad—like buying your mom an iPad for a Mother’s Day gift—and they don’t have a wireless plan to support their new tablet. You may be able to add an iPad to your wireless plan.

You can buy an iPad without a wireless plan, and can choose between an iPad that’s Wi-Fi only versus one that can connect to a wireless cellular network. Whether your giftee needs an iPad that connects to a wireless network depends on what they need it for. If they’re going to use it mostly at home, a cellular connection might not be necessary. But if they’re going to use it while traveling, it’s a good idea to invest in a model that can connect to a wireless network to make it easier to stay online when they’re on the road.

Remember, adding an iPad to your existing wireless plan will result in an additional fee on your wireless bill—so make sure you’ve budgeted for that. If you have an AT&T wireless plan, it’s easy to add an iPad to your plan. . With AT&T Unlimited Your Way®, you can have up to ten lines total on your plan, and you save $10 per month on every line when you sign up for both eligible AutoPay and paperless billing—and you can choose a plan to fit the needs of each family member on your account. However, you can also use an iPad on a prepaid plan. Learn more about adding a new device to your plan.

What if they already have an iPad?

Let’s say you’re looking for gifts for mom, and you’ve settled on getting her the latest iPad. There’s just one problem: she already has an older generation of iPad! If mom is ready for the latest and greatest, you may be able to trade in her old device for a new one.

AT&T has a trade-in program, where you can bring in your old device and trade up to a new one. You can initiate the process online. All you need to do is choose your device model and answer some questions about it, then you’ll get a trade-in quote. From there, you can decide if you want to trade-in mom’s current iPad and apply its value to the purchase of a new iPad.

Other iPad gift ideas

If you want to win even more points with the person you’re gifting an iPad to, you can get them some must-have accessories to enhance their tablet experience. It’s never a bad idea to get a folio and screen protector for some added peace of mind (especially if your giftee has butterfingers). And if they like doing video calls or FaceTime, a portable ring light can ensure they always look their best.

You could also pick up a pair of headphones so they can listen to music or videos in crisp, clear sound. Or if they want to share what they’re listening to, a smart speaker can connect via BlueTooth to amplify their jams. Whichever accessories you choose, it’s a good bet your giftee will love these iPad enhancements.

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