The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $100 For Tech Lovers

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2021 might mean an unusual Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be special. You might be hoping to celebrate by surprising your Valentine with the perfect gift. Of course, you can always go with a classic gift, like chocolates, cards, or jewelry, but if your loved one is more of a tech lover than a candy lover, this post is for you.

Here are a few ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts under $100 for tech lovers.

Smart speakers

Smart speakers are a good choice for anyone who is interested in building a smart home. Some of them have digital assistants built in that your loved one can use for things like checking the weather, setting alarms, playing music, and sometimes even controlling other connected devices. Check out this smart speaker, but you’ll also want to be sure it’s compatible with your device before you make a purchase.

Wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds are as popular as they are for a reason. It’s nice to be able to listen to music on-the-go, and the lack of cords is super convenient, especially for activities like exercising. And yes, there are definitely some great options for earbuds under $100.

Streaming devices

With all of the exciting streaming services available for watching your favorite movies and shows, your loved one might enjoy a device that lets them stream content on their TV. The good news is there are some quality, affordable streaming devices out there.

USB microphones

Having a good USB microphone is great for things like video chatting, running a livestream, recording videos, and podcasting. It’s an especially great gift for any creative types that might be in your life. You might want to take a look at this model. Just be sure to check that it’s compatible with your device before you purchase it.

Wireless chargers

Wireless chargers are a great accessory for any tech fan. They are just so convenient. Your loved one will spend less time plugging and unplugging their phone, and they won’t have to worry about their charge cord fraying from repeated use. It’s a solid gift for anyone with a compatible device.

High quality cases

A new phone case might not be as flashy as some of these other gifts on this list, but it’s extremely important. If your loved one just got a new phone over the holidays, they might need a way to keep that valuable device safe. A good case will also help your loved one use their phone in comfort and style.

Check out more gifts ideas that fit your budget

Hopefully, this post has helped you start thinking of gifts that might fit your budget. For more gift ideas, check out this AT&T gift guide. AT&T also has a cool widget that lets you look for tech products within certain price ranges, including the $50-100 range. Happy shopping and have a great Valentine’s Day.

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