What is Wireless Internet?

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Wireless internet is a type of internet service that uses the same technology that connects cell phones. People sometimes also call wireless internet by other names, like wireless broadband or cellular internet, but it’s the same concept.

AT&T offers its own form of wireless internet called AT&T Internet Air.

What makes wireless internet different from Wi-Fi?

When a lot of people hear the word “wireless” they probably think of Wi-Fi. I realize that can be a bit confusing, but they are different things.

Wi-Fi lets you wirelessly connect devices within your home, or maybe another relatively small area like a coffee shop or office building. It makes connections wireless within a limited space. In internet lingo, they call this limited space a small area network, or a SAN.

Wi-Fi by itself will not connect you to the internet, though. The wider internet, where you can access all your favorite websites, stream TV shows, and so on, is spread across the entire world. Your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach anywhere near that far. So, you need some way to connect your home network to the wider world. To do that, you need an internet service provider.

There are a few different technologies that internet service providers might use to connect customers, and wireless internet is one popular option. It’s called wireless internet because rather than connecting you to the internet through a network of cables or fiber optics, it uses the same wireless network that cell phones do.

It’s perfectly possible to use Wi-Fi and wireless internet together. In fact, that’s exactly what most wireless internet customers do.

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Does wireless internet require Wi-Fi?

No, you can technically use wireless internet service without using Wi-Fi. Your internet service provider could use wireless internet to provide service to your home, and then you could plug in your devices directly using ethernet cables. Wi-Fi makes life a whole lot easier, though, since you can use it to connect many devices wirelessly all throughout your home.

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What makes AT&T Internet Air different from other wireless internet providers?

Here are a few factors that set AT&T Internet Air apart from other wireless internet providers:

  • The AT&T wireless network: Since any wireless internet service will depend on your internet service provider’s cellular network, the quality of that network will make a massive difference in the quality of your experience. If the network is unreliable, your home internet will be unreliable too. That’s why it’s so important that AT&T Internet Air works using AT&T’s fast, reliable, and secure wireless network.
  • Straightforward pricing: AT&T Internet Air also has no overage fees, no price increase at 12 months, no equipment fees, and no annual contract.
  • Security: With A&T ActiveArmorSM internet security included, customers can stream and surf the web with peace of mind.
  • Easy setup: AT&T Internet Air is also extremely easy to set up.  Just open the box and scan the QR code to access a clear step-by-step guide. The AT&T Smart Home Manager app makes the whole process simple by helping you find the best spot in your home for the strongest connection.

What’s the difference between AT&T Internet Air and AT&T Fiber?

Fiber internet is a wired internet service that works by transmitting information by sending light over tiny glass fibers. Fiber internet has the potential to deliver extremely high speeds and excellent reliability. AT&T Fiber, for example, provides speeds as high as 5 Gigs per second in some areas[1].  You can read this article to learn more about the specifics of this technology, but the short of it is that fiber internet is a great choice if it is available where you live.

Fiber internet requires special infrastructure to work, however, so it’s not yet available in every area. AT&T is currently expanding its fiber network rapidly, but if you live in an area where AT&T Fiber isn’t available yet, AT&T Internet Air could be an excellent alternative.

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Does AT&T Internet Air offer 5G internet?

AT&T Internet Air works using whatever wireless coverage AT&T has available in your area. So, in areas where 5G service might be available, it’s possible that AT&T Internet Air would connect using AT&T 5G.[1] That won’t necessarily be the case in every location, though. If you want, you can go here to learn more about AT&T’s wireless coverage map.

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