Work from Home Gift Ideas for the Holidays

With the unusual nature of life in the past year or so, many people might be on the lookout for work from home gift ideas this holiday season. Take me, for example—I normally look for quirky gifts that my loved ones might not be expecting, but this year, I’m taking a more practical approach. I’m looking for items that might make virtual learning and working a little easier for a few important people in my life. Because I’m guessing I’m not alone in this approach, I’ve put together a quick list of work from home gift ideas for this holiday season.

Wi-Fi Extenders

Whether your loved one takes online classes or works from home, I’d be willing to guess they rely pretty heavily on their home internet to stay connected. If you’ve ever noticed your loved one complaining about their internet service in certain parts of their home, a Wi-Fi extender might be really helpful.

You see, what happens is that obstacles in a home can partially block the Wi-Fi signal in certain parts of the home. This can make it difficult to use the internet in those areas. For example, maybe the internet is consistently less reliable in the basement than in other parts of the house. Wi-Fi extenders are devices that help fix this issue by extending the Wi-Fi signal into areas that might have issues.

Headphones and Headsets

In my opinion, headphones are one of the most important pieces of equipment for working from home. Many workers rely on headphones and headsets to do things like join conference calls or drown out background noise.

For workers like me who might wear our headsets for multiple hours every day, the difference between a nice model and something less impressive can make a huge difference in how comfortable we are while working from home.


It the old days, a notebook was a crucial tool for students and professionals, but these days, many of us would prefer a tablet instead. Tablets are perfect for taking notes, reviewing documents, and jotting down ideas. They are especially great for online learning because they have a lot of the size and utility of a laptop, but they also have the portability and touch functionality of a good mobile phone.

Tablets also have the added benefit of being a lot of fun for your loved one when they are done working. These devices are great for things like reading books, playing games, and staying in touch with friends.

Webcam covers

For people looking for smaller, stocking-stuffer types of gifts, a set of webcam covers can be a nice purchase for the remote worker in your life. Anyone who has worked from home probably knows that sometimes you would prefer not to have your webcam on all of the time. Maybe you didn’t dress up nice enough that morning, or maybe you simply feel the need for some privacy. It’s nice to have a way to block your webcam and not have to worry about the possibility that someone might see you through the built-in webcam on your computer.

Wireless hotspots

Unfortunately, sometimes things like extremely bad weather can leave a home internet connection temporarily unavailable. When this happens, it might be nice for your loved one to have a backup option, so they can continue to work or study while they get their internet fixed. This is part of what makes a mobile hotspot device so helpful. It uses data from a wireless plan to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal, so that other devices can connect to the internet. This is not only a great backup option, but it might provide your loved one with the ability to connect to the internet in places where they may not otherwise have access to a Wi-Fi connection.


For shoppers who want to go all-out this holidays season, AT&T currently offers some of its great phone deals for new and existing customers. Of course, having a new smart phone can go a long way, because your loved one with have a high-quality way to make calls, do research, and stay connected.

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