How to Get an AT&T Student Discount

A student in a headscarf looks at her phone

Being a student may come with a lot of big financial commitments—but that doesn’t have to extend to your wireless plan. You can save with the AT&T student discount offer and take advantage of great prices on select unlimited wireless plans. Plus, you can take advantage of additional deals depending on which school or university you’re attending.

If you’re eligible, you can visit AT&T’s website to sign up for a discounted wireless plan.

How much is the AT&T student discount?

The AT&T discount for students is $10 off the AT&T Unlimited Premium PL plan per month, per line for up to five lines. Depending on your individual school and situation, you might also be eligible for some additional benefits.

How do I qualify for a student discount?

To take advantage of AT&T’s student discount you’ll need to:

  • Provide proof of eligibility, such as a student ID card
  • Be the primary wireless account holder
  • Have the AT&T Unlimited Premium PL plan. For plan pricing, see com/unlimited.

Does AT&T offer special discounts to anyone else?

In addition to student discounts, AT&T also has discounted wireless plans for teachers, nurses, first responders and more. Learn more about these discounts on the AT&T website.

The pursuit of education is a wonderful journey, albeit a challenging one. With AT&T, you can make it easier to afford your wireless plan with a student discount so you can stay focused on what matters—your future.

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