Optimizing Your AT&T Experience

Americans are busier than ever. At AT&T, we know that staying connected is a big part of living an optimized life, so you have more time to do the things you want, like spend time with your family or check out the latest video games with friends. That’s why we’re committed to providing everyone in your household, family and crew with the best connectivity solutions that fit everyone’s needs while maximizing the value of your AT&T account.

We value our customers

We’ve listened to our loyal customers, and we’ve heard your feedback. You want to stay connected, be productive and have fun. Our team of experts can help you make informed decisions about your AT&T account while giving you the flexibility to make changes at any time as your needs evolve. We’re here to do the heavy lifting, but you will always have a choice.

We know a lot of households are experiencing financial pressure in the current economic climate. That’s why we offer our best deals for everyone. Did you know that if you’re new to AT&T or you currently have an unlimited plan with us, you can save $240 per year on AT&T Fiber service with our all-in-one discount? That’s just one example of a recommendation that can add value to your connected life and help you save money.

Discounts are also available for first responders, members of the military and veterans, teachers, AARP members, nurses and physicians through our AT&T Signature Program. You may even be eligible to save on your AT&T bill through a participating employer. We will be sure to notify you of any deals and discounts that may apply to your account.

We will analyze your usage patterns and recommend the best products and services for you. And don’t worry – we never look at what you’re doing or looking at on your phone. We value your privacy. We’re simply analyzing your data volumes to help align your plan. In some cases, that could even mean we recommend switching to a lower cost offering. We believe in transparent pricing and only charging customers for what you use and need.

And if you’re concerned with issues like security, privacy and device protection, we’ve got you covered with features, like AT&T Active Armor, which offers 24/7 proactive network security for wireless and internet, and AT&T Protect AdvantageSM, which allows an unlimited number of claims to replace your phone if it’s ever broken, lost or stolen.

Connecting changes everything

Did you know AT&T has America’s most reliable 5G network1 and delivers the fastest internet service of any major provider2? That’s some serious speed.

a picture of a couple playing video games

Most households need to stay connected around the clock on multiple devices, and with AT&T Wireless and AT&T Internet service, you can do just that. We will help you pick the best wireless plan and internet service for you, whether that’s AT&T Fiber, AT&T Internet or our wireless home internet service, AT&T Internet Air. Staying connected should be simple. Let us take the guesswork out of picking a plan.

And we’re not done yet. After you’ve selected your wireless and internet service, we will proactively run health checks on our network to ensure we’re consistently delivering top performance for you.

AT&T is a leader in the communications industry

It all started in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, forming the foundation of the company that would become AT&T – a brand now synonymous with innovation in communications. We strive to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations with innovative wireless plans, like Unlimited Your Way®, and new products, like AT&T Internet Air. And we’re only just getting started. With technology advancing faster than ever, you can always expect AT&T to stay ahead of the curve.

We understand our customers have unique connectivity needs that evolve over time. And we are committed to meeting those needs with the help of our experts who are here to recommend the best connectivity solutions for you and your family, so you can live your best, connected life. We are here for you. Learn more about AT&T Optimizer.

This article is AT&T sponsored content written by Stuart Dunleavy, a TechBuzz contributor. The statements in this article are his own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.

1Based on nationwide GWS drive test data. GWS conducts paid drive tests for AT&T and uses the data in its analysis. Req’s compatible plan & device. Coverage not available everywhere.

2Based on 5Gbps offering. Internet speed claims represent maximum wired network service capability speeds and recommended setup. Actual customer speeds are not guaranteed. Single device wired speed maximum 4.7Gbps. For more information go to www.att.com/speed101.

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