Why Internet Upload Speeds Are So Important

You might be wondering if upload speed really matters, or what uploading even is. In this article, we’ve answered some common questions that readers ask about upload speed.

Does upload speed really matter?

Yes, upload speed really matters.

Without adequate upload speed, you might not have the smoothest video calls. It may also take a long time to upload a file.

What is the difference between uploading and downloading?

Uploading is when you send data from your own device to other parts of the internet. For instance, when you upload a photo on social media.

Downloading is when you move data from the internet to your device. For example, when you’re streaming a video from the internet.

What is upload speed?

Upload speed measures the speed that your internet service can upload data. This is notated by the number of kilobits (Kbps), megabits (Mbps), or gigabits (Gbps) that can be transmitted in one second. Your upload speed impacts how long it takes to upload a video file to a sharing site, for example.

How do I check my upload speed and download speed?

An internet speed test can help determine what your upload and download speeds are.

You can take an internet speed test here.

Is upload speed important for video calls?

Upload speed is very important for video calls and video meetings, especially if you are on camera. When you don’t have enough upload speed to stream video on a video call, your video may lag or decrease in quality.

Is upload speed important for gaming?

Upload speed is very important for online gamers who appreciate performance. Your upload speed will determine how fast your computer or console can send information to the server.

internet for gaming

Why is upload speed important for streamers?

When streaming something like gameplay for a videogame, it takes more bandwidth than just playing games would. You need enough bandwidth for your stream as well.

The more upload speed you have, the greater resolution your stream will be able to handle. A higher upload speed also allows you to run streams with more frames per second, for a smooth live-streaming experience.

Why would my upload speed be slow?

A big factor with upload speed is how much your internet service provider offers with your plan. If you’d like to have as much upload speed as possible, you may want to consider getting fiber internet.

However, if your internet plan is supposed to provide high speeds but you’re not reaching your expected upload speeds, you may want to consider your home network setup. Many home network factors can affect the upload speeds you’re getting. For example, if a whole family is using the internet at once, everyone will be sharing the bandwidth and that can slow down performance.

If you’re using Wi-Fi, there are even more factors that can influence upload speed. For instance, you might be close enough to your router, but there might be obstacles in your home that are blocking your connection.

How can I improve my upload speed?

Oftentimes, one of the best ways to increase internet performance is to make sure you’re getting the most out of your home network. For more information about optimizing your home internet, you can check out this how-to article.

If you’d like to get better upload speeds, plans with AT&T Fiber feature symmetrical upload and download speeds. That means that your max AT&T Fiber upload speeds will be the same as your max download speeds

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