How to Get the Most Out of Your AT&T Internet

With many people spending more time working from home recently, it’s more important than ever to make the most of your internet connection. Here are a few tips for how you can get the most out of your AT&T Internet.

Manage all of your in-home connected devices

Smart Home Manager[1] is a great tool for managing your home network. You can use this tool to find your Wi-Fi password, change your Wi-Fi network name, check the number of devices connected to your internet, name different devices on your network to keep better track of them, manage parental controls and even find solutions to common technical issues.

Access Smart Home Manager online or with the mobile app

If you’re ready to start using the Smart Home Manager, you can access it by logging into your AT&T account online, or by downloading the Smart Home Manager mobile app.

If you already have the Smart Home Manager app, but need help using it, you can also visit this AT&T page for support.

Test performance on your home network

Smart Home Manager can help you test the internet speed to your AT&T Wi-Fi gateway, and even check the performance of individual devices on your home network.[2] Once you know if your devices are performing like they should be, you can look for ways to improve your home network performance.

Move Wi-Fi devices closer to the Wi-Fi gateway or use wired connections.

We all enjoy the convenience of Wi-Fi, but the fact is that you are almost always going to get faster, more reliable internet with a wired connection plugged directly into your AT&T Wi-Fi gateway.  If that isn’t practical, you can often improve Wi-Fi connections by moving devices closer to the gateway.  Sometimes, you can even improve your Wi-Fi connections by moving your devices away from things in your home that can interfere with Wi-Fi, like a microwave oven or a fish tank. AT&T Smart Home Manager has tools to let you test the Wi-Fi signal in different parts of your house, to see what you can do improve the connection to your devices.

Wi-Fi extenders

Do you feel like you have good internet service overall, but your devices never seem to work well in certain parts of your home? These types of issues can be incredibly frustrating, but they may have nothing to do with the quality of your internet service. Sometimes walls, ceilings, and other household obstacles get between your Wi-Fi gateway and your device. This can limit the signal and prevent you from getting quality service in some locations. Moving things around can help but may not be enough when you want to make sure you have a great Wi-Fi signal to a particular device in a particular location in your house.

With Smart Home Manager, you can follow these four steps to see if you might be able to fix this issue using Wi-Fi extenders (sold separately).

  1. Open Smart Home Manager and select Tools.
  2. Choose Do I need Smart Wi-Fi extenders?
  3. Answer the questions shown.

Hopefully, this post helped show you how you can make the most of your AT&T Internet. Visit this website to learn more about AT&T Smart Home Manager.

This article is AT&T sponsored content written by Matt Johnsen, a TechBuzz contributor. The statements in this article are his own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.


[1] AT&T Smart Home Manager is available to AT&T Internet Service customers with a compatible AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway. Limited to Wi-Fi network. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender(s) sold separately.

[2] The AT&T Smart Home Manager tests the internet speed delivered to the AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway.  Speeds to individual devices on a home network can vary significantly depending on a variety of local factors, including poor Wi-Fi connectivity.  For best results, use a wired connection, plugged directly into the AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway.

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