Tips for Throwing an Outdoor Movie Night

It’s hard to beat an outdoor movie night on a nice summer evening.  Who doesn’t enjoy gathering a group of friends, firing up a projector and watching a great story under the stars? But if you aren’t prepared, technical issues can derail your plans. Nobody likes to sit outside and watch a streaming service buffer every five minutes, for example. To make sure things go smoothly, here are some tips for your next backyard screening.

Amp up the sound

Getting the right sound can be one of the trickiest parts of planning an outdoor movie night. Depending on where you live, the background noise might impact the experience. After all, the acoustics in your yard won’t exactly meet the standards of a movie theatre. To get the right sound quality, a Wi-Fi enabled sound bar or Bluetooth speaker could be the perfect addition.

Pick the perfect projector

With so many movie projectors on the market, it can take time to find one that will fit your needs. It’s important to account for factors such as the distance between the projector and the screen, the amount of light you will need and how you will connect to a power source. All of this will depend on your particular outdoor space and the size of your audience. It’s worth taking measurements of your yard and screen before making a purchase.

Make sure your Internet is ready

These days, most of us stream our movies the majority of the time. It’s convenient, but it also means you’ll need to prepare your Internet for the screening. The last thing you want is for your movie to cut out because your Wi-Fi can’t reach. You might consider purchasing a Wi-Fi extender to ensure your connection stays strong.

Set out comfy seating

There’s a reason so many of the big theatres have switched to recliners and couches. Being comfortable while watching a movie goes a long way towards improving the experience. Don’t make your friends crouch on the lawn. Set out some beanbag chairs or padded lawn chairs to help your guests feel at home.

Choose the right movie

Of course, none of these tips will get you far if you don’t enjoy the movie, so be sure to pick a good one. While everyone has their own tastes, there are plenty of great ranking websites to tell you what other viewers have enjoyed. If almost everyone liked something, there’s a good chance you and your friends will too.

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