Tips for Managing Your Kids Screen Time

Managing your child’s screen time is important. Thats why we’ve come up with a few ways to help manage screen time!
manage kids screen time

So many people have become reliant on technology. Unfortunately, kids are no different. Whether it’s because they need a tablet for school or want a cell phone to play fun games or to chat with their friends, we get it. We also understand managing your child’s screen time is equally important. No one wants to ever feel like their child is becoming dependent on technology. Having a few, pre-determined rules and guidelines for screen time is the best way to control your kid’s screen time!

Have clear rules when it comes to screen time

Having clear rules about screen time is the perfect way to get your kids off on the right foot and avoid a meltdown when it’s time to put away the devices. Kids are more likely to be successful when they have clear rules and guidelines to follow. When it comes to screen time rules, they should be discussed and reinforced with a list posted somewhere near where screen time is going to take place, so there is no confusion.

Allow kids to earn extra screen time

If screen time is seen as more of a reward, kids will do whatever it takes to earn it! Create a chart of different tasks for kids to complete in order to earn their screen time. Making your bed? 5 minutes of screen time. Taking out the trash? 10 minutes of screen time!

Create a fun timer to limit screen time

Having a timer or a time limit is the perfect way to cap kids’ screen time. No one likes having to pry their child off a device. Instead, you can set a timer on their device, in the kitchen, or find a great kid-friendly timer that your child will like. There are also tons of great apps that live right on their device, to limit screen time.

Have designated areas in your house kids can take their devices

Implementing screen time approved areas can help kids naturally limit their screen time. By not letting them to lay in their bed or lounge all afternoon on the couch with a tablet in hand can help train your kids to understand that a phone or tablet isn’t something that always needs to be used to fill time.

It’s important to find a healthy balance when incorporating phones and devices into your life, especially with kids. Limiting screen time is one way to make sure that balance don’t get out of whack. Setting kids up to succeed it what it all boils down to. It’s so much easier to implement rules and guidelines for screen time with your kids from the get-go as opposed to trying to throw in rules after they’ve already developed habits while interacting with devices.

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