5 Summer Pool Party Ideas

Summer is upon us, and that means that it’s finally time to start planning that pool party you’ve been dreaming about all winter. There’s no better way to start the season than getting together some friends, sharing a few drinks, and enjoying the warm weather. To help kick things off, here are a few pool party tips.

5 summer pool party ideas

1. Invite the right people

The most important thing about any party is the people. The whole reason we organize these events is to socialize. Before you make the guest list, think about the type of event you’d like to have. For example, is this mostly a cocktails by the pool type of party? If so, then maybe ask any friends with children to get a sitter. Or is it a cannonballs and splash fights type of pool party? In that case, kids are totally welcome. Make sure you know what you are aiming for before you start giving invitations.

2. Prepare the pool

Where are you planning on hosting your pool party? Do you have a pool at your home? If so, it’s worth the extra effort to put everything into order before the event. Take the time to clean the water and make sure the chemical levels are just right. If you are hosting at a friend’s or family member’s pool, be sure to offer to do this work yourself, both before and after your event. It’s never polite to leave a mess after someone did you a favor.

3. Make sure your music is on point

The right playlist is going to be essential for creating that summer vibe. Spend some time picking out the perfect tracks. Think carefully about your guest list and make sure there is something there for everyone. Additionally, if you don’t have a nice speaker, you will want to invest in one. Even a small portable speaker is going to work a lot better than playing music from inside the house. You might also want to get a Wi-Fi extender for the pool area if you don’t already have one. You wouldn’t want your music to stop every time you lose your connection.

4. Food and drinks are key

A party can’t live up to its potential without the right refreshments. Whether you’re planning a potluck or cooking all of the food yourself, you will definitely need to plan ahead. If adult beverages are a feature of the party, pick something refreshing like margaritas, and avoid anything heavy, like dark beer. The same goes for food. Remember that swimming after eating a big meal will cause cramps for most people. If it’s a drinks by the pool type of party, grilling burgers might work out great, but if people are actually planning on swimming, you’ll want to go for a lighter menu.

5. Document the experience

If you threw an amazing pool party and it didn’t end up on social media, did it ever really happen? It might sound silly, but people have been working out all spring, shopping for swimming suits, and generally looking forward to showing off on social media. Be sure to take plenty of pictures, but make sure to also protect your phone with the right case. It wouldn’t be fun to ruin a phone while you’re trying for the perfect selfie.

There are few things in life better than a summer pool party with some of your favorite people. Hopefully this post helped get you kick off a few ideas for your next big event. Have fun, and don’t forget your sunscreen.

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