Wearables and More: 5 Tech Trends for Pet Parents

alt="woman enjoying the sun outdoors in sunset with dog using tablet"/>
Woman enjoying the sun outdoors in sunset with dog using tablet.

Pets may dominate the camera rolls on our smartphones, but that’s not where their ties with today’s digital lifestyle end. It’s easier than ever to stay in sync with them thanks to wearables, apps and other tech-friendly tools that can make life a little sweeter for pet parents and the fur babies we love. So, let’s look at a few examples that can help you with that.


Wearables for Pets

Wearables are for pets too. Connected devices like the Whistle GO and Whistle GO Explore allow you to stay in tune with the health and location of your dog or cat through an app you manage from your smartphone. These devices sync with the app over Wi-Fi or the AT&T wireless network. When your pet wears one, you can track their location and receive an alert if they leave the area you set as “safe.”

Whistle GO Explore allows you to monitor pet behaviors like licking, scratching and sleeping. You can use it to set activity goals to track your pet’s fitness and for weekly wellness reports about them. It has a 20-day battery life, is waterproof under up to 6 feet of water and comes with a night light you can control from the app.


Pet Health Apps

Wearables are one way to stay on top of your pet’s health. So are many apps, online video chats and websites designed to teach you vital lessons. You can learn first aid, nutrition and more. And, don’t forget about your vet. Many offer online portals with useful information that can help you bring good things to life for your four-legged friend(s).


Pet-friendly Venue and Hotel Finders

Are you planning a pet-friendly getaway or looking for fun to share at home? You have plenty of options for finding local dog parks, pet-friendly beaches, restaurants, attractions and other public places that welcome you both. A quick online or wireless app search will show you more options than you may realize that are just a few taps away. 


Wi-Fi Webcams

If you’re separated from your pet during the day or night – or if you have someone caring for them while you’re not home – a connected webcam can make it easy to check in, visually, while you’re not home. Many are simple to set up, connect with your home Wi-Fi network and give you a way to see what’s happening through connected devices. Some even let you toss out treats while you’re away. So, if you miss yours when you’re not there, think about these.


Social Media 

Yours doesn’t have to be a pet-fluencer to be worthy of social media posts or a dedicated account (if you have the time and resources to manage it). If you know your friends and followers love pets – or your POV about them – sharing the fun, quirky or funny things your pet does can be a great way to connect. It can also be a fun way to capture the fun you have together and share something positive through your social channels.

Tech tools, apps and wearables are all a few clicks or taps away, and they can help you transform your pet’s life for the better! We hope you find these ideas useful, fun or both for you and yours.

This article is AT&T sponsored content written by Madelynn Traylor and Amanda L. Ray, TechBuzz contributors. The statements in this article are their own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T. 

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