5 Tips for Using Your Phone in Mexico

Everything is set for your next big adventure. You’ve booked your flight, picked a list of destinations, bought new snorkeling gear and found the perfect hotel. You’re almost ready for your trip to Mexico. The only thing left to do now is set up your phone for international travel.

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. You should be seeing Mayan ruins and swimming in the ocean, not worrying about roaming fees or water damage. To help you enjoy your trip, here is a quick list of tips for using your phone in Mexico.

5 tips for using your phone in Mexico

  1. Don’t sweat the fees: The heat in Mexico might have you sweating, but the fees shouldn’t with an unlimited plan from AT&T. When you have an AT&T Unlimited Your Way plan, you can use talk, text and data while traveling in Mexico with no roaming charges.
  2. Prepare your phone for the water. Many people go to Mexico because of the coastal attractions. It’s a great place to snorkel, swim or even just enjoy a tropical drink by the pool. If you plan on going near water, be sure to protect your phone from the elements with the right case. Leave your phone in a locker or bag before you go for a swim, and keep it protected when you think it’s at risk of getting wet.
  3. Don’t get stranded without a charger. You are going to want to be able to use maps and take plenty of pictures throughout your trip. There may not be as many opportunities to charge your phone as there are at home. You can ease worries of your phone dying by investing in a nice portable charger.
  4. Watch out for the heat. In case you didn’t know, Mexico can get very hot. Even the winters can get warm. To keep your phone from overheating, you need to be mindful. Don’t leave your phone in a hot car or outside on a hot surface. You might also want to keep your background apps to a minimum. The more processing power your phone uses, the more it will heat up. If the sun makes it hard to see your screen, consider getting a screen glare protector as opposed to turning up your brightness and making your phone work even harder.
  5. Back up your photos. No matter how careful you are, bad things do happen. People drop phones in pools or forget them at hotels. It’s sad enough to lose your phone. Don’t lose your vacation pictures too. Be sure to back up your photos. This will not only protect them from accidents, but it will also free up space for you to take more pictures.

We all love using our phones on international trips. It’s a great way to take pictures, find our way when we get lost and share our experiences with friends back home. Hopefully these tips can help you focus less on your phone and more on enjoying your trip to Mexico. To learn more about traveling with your phone, visit the AT&T international travel page.


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