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Whether you’re tossing a beach ball, picnicking in the park, or camping under the stars, you can make summertime fun even better with music.

Create your own soundtrack for summer when you set up a playlist on your smartphone. Or, subscribe to a premium music channel and stream whatever you like, wherever you go. Luckily, the AT&T Unlimited &More℠ Premium plan comes with a free premium streaming service.

Music, your smartphone, and a few accessories are all you need for hours of entertainment. Portable outdoor speakers are a must and AT&T has a nice selection to explore. Some speakers are Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth® enabled.

Because most summer spots don’t come with nearby outlets, check out wireless charging bases and cables from AT&T. Take a cue from the Scouts and be prepared so you can listen to your tunes wherever summer takes you.

Rocking the reunion

Successful family reunions have music that appeals to multi-generations. Include traditional family songs—polkas get my kin on their feet. No family favorites? No problem. Every family has someone who knows how to bust some moves. Download the hot new line dance song and tell that relative they’re in charge of teaching the steps. And don’t forget the Hokey Pokey for the little ones and their doting aunties.

Frolicking at the beach

Make sure your device cases and speakers are rugged and waterproof, so they can hold their own against misguided Frisbees, waves, and sand when you’re at the beach. Get the lowdown on device waterproof ratings.

Bring your rod and reel? Many go fishing for the solitude and the quiet sounds of nature. But if you like to listen to music, I’ve heard that aquarium fish like Bach. Who knows if that holds up in the wild? They may prefer some Phish or Fishbone songs.

Camping in style

Roasting marshmallows or searching for shooting stars at your favorite campground? Download some camp songs, scary podcasts, or classic movies and bring a little pizazz to your next camping trip.

Searching for that less traveled path? Look for lightweight and durable devices and speakers to tuck in your backpack. Lighter loads make for happier campers.

Here’s another tip for happy campers: Turn your entertainment off, or low, at sundown. Of course, if you’re in a remote area, feel free to boogie to your heart’s content.

Traveling to your destination

Whether your journey is by car, boat, train, or plane, you can access your music, books, movies, and podcasts in private. Just pop in a pair of comfy earbuds and enjoy your own picks when you’re tired of communal entertainment. Tip: Noise-canceling headphones can save the day on those long flights with crying babies.

Remember: Music is a personal passion. What moves your soul might make your best friend run screaming for earplugs. Mix it up to keep everyone in your party happy. Better yet, take turns playing DJ and you might find a new favorite musical genre or artist.

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