Mobile Gaming Hacks for Playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

With the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, another mobile gaming craze is upon us. Get ready to see people gaming absolutely everywhere, from the park to the office. For mobile gaming fans, now is the time to hit the ground running and get a head start on your friends.

Here are a few gaming tips to help you kick off your wizarding adventure.

Keep your battery charged

If you are a fan of mobile gaming, you probably already know that these apps can seriously wear down your phone’s battery. This is especially true for augmented reality (AR) games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, because they need to connect to location services. You don’t want to miss out on fun in-game opportunities because your phone dies on you at the coffee shop. Keep a portable battery on you, so you can plug in whenever your phone’s battery runs low.

Make sure your device is up to standards

Not all phones are created equal. Some devices are going to run the game a lot better than others. If you are serious about mobile gaming, you will want to invest in a phone with a powerful processor and a solid battery life.

Here are the minimum requirements for a smart phone to run Harry Potter: Wizards Unite:

  • 2 GB Ram
  • 2 GB Storage
  • Internet connection
  • GPS and Location Services
  • Gyroscope and compass sensors
  • A Built-in Camera

Take advantage of public transportation

One of the fun things about AR games is that you get to interact with the real world. It’s the perfect excuse to go out and explore your city. Of course, we all know that it isn’t safe to play video games while driving, however.

One fun activity is to team up with friends. One person can drive while the rest of you can play. Another great option is to take advantage of public transportation. Get on your local bus service and take a slow trip around the city. You can play on-the-go or stop to enjoy the game in some of your favorite public areas.

Don’t let your phone overheat

As fun as mobile gaming is, it can also take a toll on your phone’s processor. Playing for extended periods of time can cause your phone to heat up. Especially during the summer time, make sure to keep your phone from overheating by keeping it out of direct sun, taking regular breaks from playing, and keeping your brightness low.

Hopefully all of these tips will help you get a head start on your wizarding journey. Now it’s time to get together some friends and join in the fun.

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