Moving AT&T Internet and Wireless Service: Everything You Need to Know

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So, you’re moving to a new home—congratulations! Now all that’s left to do is organize, pack, hire movers… it’s a lot. But the most important part is planning how to move services like internet or wireless plans to make sure you don’t skip a connected beat.

Make sure you make plans to transfer service as soon as you know your move-in date and book your moving company. Some utilities may be easy to switch over, like water and power—often they just need to transfer your service to the new address on a particular day, but they may require some kind of deposit to do so. Your wireless service should be easy—you’ll likely just need to call your provider to change your address so your bills go to the right place.

But if you currently have internet or TV service, you may have to arrange for a technician to come out to your new address to help set up service, depending on your provider. This is why it’s important to have a moving checklist: it can make organizing your move so much easier.

This article covers some helpful things you should know about how to transfer service when you move.

Can I just move my internet to another house?

It depends on what’s available in your new neighborhood. Whether you’re a current AT&T customer or you’re looking to switch to AT&T, you can use the availability checker to find out if AT&T internet service is available at your new address. If it is, great! You can either sign up for new service, or move your existing service using AT&T move services by calling (800) 288-2020. AT&T usually waives any activation fees for existing customers making a move, but if there is a fee, it will be the same cost as the fee you paid when you activated your service.

In many instances, moving AT&T internet service for current customers is as simple as moving your Wi-Fi Gateway to your new address and plugging it in—so it’s important to bring your existing equipment with you. If your equipment is outdated, you may get an email from AT&T with instructions on how to return old equipment.

If you’re already an AT&T Fiber customer or you’re upgrading to fiber internet, you may need to schedule an installation appointment, but there’s a chance you can quickly activate your new fiber internet yourself. Learn more about AT&T Fiber installation.

If you’re eligible to self-install,  you’ll receive a device installation package in the mail once you’ve upgraded to an AT&T Fiber plan. Then, just download the AT&T Smart Home Manager app from the App Store or Google Play on your phone to get detailed instructions on how to set up your internet.

Should I upgrade or change my internet service when I move?

Moving is a great time to explore the internet options in your new neighborhood, as there’s a chance you could get better, faster, and more reliable service than what you have now. Plus, the options that are available to you might change depending on where you’re moving.

AT&T Fiber offers everything you need for a truly reliable internet connection, with hyper fast speeds, top of the line equipment, unlimited data and an easy app. . You can get complete d Wi-Fi coverage courtesy of high quality Wi-Fi equipment to help eliminate dead zones,[1] manage  multiple online devices, and even 24/7 internet security with AT&T ActiveArmorSM. With straightforward pricing, you’ll also benefit from no price increase at 12 months, no annual contract, no data caps, and no gateway fees.

In other areas where AT&T Fiber is not available, AT&T Internet Air may be available.  AT&T Internet Air is a type of home internet service that works using the same wireless network that powers cell phones.   or check availability at your address.

How do I transfer my internet from one place to another?

If you’re moving AT&T Internet service, you may be able to make the move yourself. An AT&T moving specialist will be able to help guide you when you call (800) 288-2020. If you’re not currently an AT&T Internet customer, you might want to consider checking which plans are available at your new address. A move can be a good opportunity to switch. Learn more about the benefits of switching to AT&T Internet.

If your current service provider isn’t available at your new address, you’ll need to cancel with them before you move. You’ll want to contact your service provider about cancellation approximately a month in advance.

It’s important to sort out some details like the end date of your service, your final bill, and whether or not you need to make appointments for a technician to come out and uninstall equipment. You’ll also want to double check if you need to return equipment, and where you need to return it—otherwise you may be charged a fee.

Do I have to tell my internet provider when I moved?

Absolutely—especially if you want to have internet service at your new address! If you move without telling your internet provider, it’s likely you’ll continue to have service at your old address, but not your new address.

If you don’t need service anymore but you don’t tell your provider, you’ll still be expected to pay your bill if you don’t call your provider to close your account. And if you do still need service, your internet provider will need to know where that service needs to be activated—provided your current service is available in your new neighborhood.

What happens to internet if you move?

If you don’t call your internet provider, your internet will likely continue to operate at your old address—and you’ll be on the hook for the bill until you turn off your service and close your your account.

However, if you call your provider ahead of time, you should be able to make arrangements to move your internet service to your new address so it’s ready to use by the time you move in. You may have to make arrangements for a technician to come out and activate your service, but if you plan early using your moving checklist, you may still be able to ensure you’re connected by your move-in date.

How do I change my address with AT&T?

Making an internet address change, or a wireless service change, is easy with AT&T. If you have AT&T Internet service, go to, or start moving here if you’re a new customer; it only takes a few minutes. For AT&T wireless service, call us at (800) 288-2020 to update your account with your new billing and shipping addresses.

How do I change my billing information with AT&T?

It only takes a few minutes to change your billing information for either your Internet or wireless service. Just contact a moving specialist at (800) 288-2020 and they’ll walk you through the process.

Can I make changes to my AT&T account online?

When it comes time to move services from one address to another, it’s best to call (800) 288-2020 and speak to a moving specialist to make changes to your account.

This article is AT&T sponsored content written by Carly Milne, a TechBuzz contributor. The statements in this article are her own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.

[1] May require AT&T Extended Wi-Fi Coverage Service for an additional monthly charge.



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