Phone Hygiene 101: Resources for Cleaning Your Phone and More

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Many people have been especially curious about ways to clean their phones lately. While COVID-19 may have sparked this curiosity, many of us are starting to realize how dirty our devices have been all along.

Think about it—most of us bring our phones almost everywhere we go. How often do we remember to properly clean them? To help you practice better phone hygiene, here are a few of my recommendations.

Avoid touching your phone with dirty hands

Try to only use your phone when you have relatively clean hands. For example, you might not want to use your phone while you are eating, cooking, doing yardwork, or using the restroom. In each of these situations, you might get unwanted germs, food, or dirt on your device. Determine whether whatever is pulling you towards your smartphone can wait.

How to clean your phone

The CDC recommends that you use a wipeable cover for your electronics, and that you follow any cleaning guidance from your device’s manufacturer. That might mean the process could vary, depending on which phone you have. For easy reference, the AT&T Support page on phone hygiene includes links to this guidance from multiple popular device brands, as well as a few additional tips on device cleaning.

If you look at manufacturer guidance, you’ll find that multiple major phone manufacturers recommend using wipes or cleaners that include 70% isopropyl alcohol. If this is the case for your device, you might want to order these types of wipes online from AT&T.

Consider antibacterial accessories

Another potential option for helping keep your devices clean is to look into antibacterial accessories. There are multiple products out there that were designed to help you keep your phone clean in one way or another. For example, this UV sanitizing case was designed to help clean your device while you charge it. You might find that it’s worth researching a few products like this one to see if one of them might be helpful for you.

Good luck and stay safe

Hopefully, this post gave you a few ideas for how to practice better phone hygiene. For more tips on how to take better care of your device, you might also want to check out this article. Now, stay safe and enjoy having a fresher, cleaner device!

This article is AT&T sponsored content written by Matt Johnsen, a TechBuzz contributor. The statements in this article are his own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.


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