What is AT&T Next Up? How to Upgrade Your Phone Early

AT&T Next Up

What is an AT&T installment plan?

AT&T installment plans are a way to spread out the cost of a phone over time. Instead of paying the full retail price upfront, customers can pay off their device with no-interest monthly payments over 30 months.
Using an AT&T installment plan, well-qualified customers  can get a new smartphone for zero dollars down with eligible service. They’ll just have to pay any sales taxes at the time of sale.
Other customers who qualify may have to make a down payment of either a fixed amount between $200-$1400 or 15% to 80% of the retail price (amount subject to change and may be higher). They can then pay for the rest of the device with no-interest monthly payments over 30 months.

How Customers with AT&T Next Up Can Upgrade Their Phones Early

AT&T Next Up is a great option for customers who want to stay up to date with the newest technology. Here’s how it works. For an additional 5 dollars per month, which is not applied to the device cost, customers that purchase a new phone on an AT&T installment plan will have the option to trade-in their financed phone (if eligible) and upgrade to a new phone after paying off only 50 percent of their device price.
This can be ideal for tech lovers who want to regularly upgrade to the latest devices without making huge upfront investments for each new upgrade.
It’s worth noting, however, that this is only an option if your old phone is still in good condition. Here are a few examples of when a device is not eligible for a trade-in upgrade with an AT&T installment plan.

  • User locks – The phone has a user lock.
  • Physical damage -The phone has certain types of physical damage, like a cracked screen or missing buttons.
  • Modification or unapproved additions – If the phone had been modified or things have been added to it. Examples include paint, decals, modified buttons, or other changes.

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