Know a Nurse or Physician or First Responder? Here’s Some Good News

Nurses, physicians, first responders and other frontline public safety workers are making a vital difference in our world right now. To see it, all you have to do is watch the news.

Today, first responders qualify for discounts on AT&T wireless services all year long. AT&T now has some good news for nurses and physicians living and working in the U.S. too: They have 3 months of free wireless service1 waiting for them.

How do they connect with the offer? Through FirstNet, the only communications platform in the country designed and built for and with public safety. This network is dedicated to primary first responders like police, firefighters and EMTs. It’s also for the public safety community that supports them. So, it can connect people working in public utility and transportation – and healthcare – roles too.

What’s unique about FirstNet? It gives primary first responders and emergency medical personnel priority access to the wireless network at all times. It provides data speeds that are never throttled – at any time – in the U.S. And, it connects users with enhanced network security – including a dedicated operations center that monitors the network 24/7, all year long, to find and neutralize threats.

For Nurses and Physicians: How to Connect

If you’re a nurse or physician already using a FirstNet Mobile–Responder plan, you’ll automatically receive a 3-month service credit on a smartphone or tablet line of service. If you’re not on a FirstNet Mobile–Responder plan, the steps are pretty simple.

  1. Apply and verify
    You can apply for a FirstNet Mobile Responder Smartphone or Tablet plan online or in an AT&T store in your area (Find out which AT&T stores near you offer in-store pickup with this store locator). You’ll need to verify you’re a state licensed nurse or physician within 30 days.
  2. Check your smartphone or tablet
    You’ll need to check whether your wireless device is compatible with the FirstNet network. If it’s not, you can choose from plenty of FirstNet Ready™ devices that are available.
  3. Connect with a SIM Card
    If your device is already FirstNet compatible, you’ll need to order a FirstNet SIM card. You can do this by calling FirstNet Customer Service (800-574-7000). Or, you can pick one up at an AT&T store in your area. Once you have it in hand, you can activate it through the steps in these installation instructions.

For Other First Responders: How to Connect

FirstNet offers police, fire and other first responders value-driven plans and discounts all year long – including one that provides qualifying first responder agencies with free smartphones for life with FirstNet Mobile Unlimited plans.² You can learn more about this and other offers here. 

This article was written by Amanda L. Ray, an AT&T employee and a TechBuzz contributor. The statements in this article are her own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.

If you’re an AT&T customer, you can find account support information related to COVID–19 here.

1 Ltd. time offer.  Credits equal to 3 months of recurring service charges (incl taxes & fees) on a FirstNet Mobile–Responder plan for smartphone or tablet will start within 3 bills. Available only to eligible physicians and nurses who have, or qualify and subscribe to a new, FirstNet Mobile–Responder plan.  For current subscribers, credits will automatically be applied to an existing line of service. New subscribers may migrate an AT&T line of service or activate a new FirstNet Mobile—Responder line of service. New subscribers must qualify for FirstNet service and complete verification process within 30 days. Customer must provide or purchase their own device and use a FirstNet SIM. See this page for complete details.

2 Available with a new activation or eligible upgrade on a 2-year agreement or AT&T installment 20-month agreement. Available only to First Responder Agencies, including Medical Emergency Departments, for their Agency Paid Users on FirstNet Mobile–Unlimited for Smartphone line. 2-year agreement: Upgrade your smartphone with a new eligible smartphone every two years at no additional cost for as long as your service plan is in effect and in good standing. Pay $0.99 for eligible smartphone at purchase, credited back within 3 billing cycles. Upgrade requires new 2-year agreement. AT&T Installment 30-month agreement: Upgrade your smartphone with a new eligible smartphone every time you satisfy your current AT&T Installment agreement and sign a new one for no additional cost for as long as your service plan is in effect and in good standing. For both agreements, tax on full discount price (2-year agreement) or full retail price (AT&T installment agreement) due at sale. Activation and other fees, taxes, charges and restrictions apply. See offer details here.


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