Gift Ideas for Teens

Teens are pretty amazing people. They’re fountains of information, with the capability to keep you up to date on trends while simultaneously making you feel old. They’re vibrant and full of life, until they lock themselves in their room because they can’t get concert tickets to see their favorite band. And, they’re notoriously hard to shop for. Gift ideas for teens are as wild and varied as the teen you’re trying to shop for, but don’t lose hope. I’ve curated a list of the best gifts for teens, ranging from cozy must-haves, to top-tier tech, to retro goodies that make life fun.

A smartwatch to keep them running on time

Chances are the teen in your life already has a smartphone (and if they don’t, isn’t it time to hook them up with the latest and greatest?). One of the best gifts for teens is a smartwatch, especially if they’re into the latest tech gadgets. Depending on which one you get them, it can seamlessly sync with their phone, and do everything from monitor their heart rate, to let them send and receive text messages. Oh, and it tells time, too… which is helpful for those who tend to run on their own timeline.

A strong but stylish phone case

Speaking of cell phones, even if you’re shopping for the most responsible and sure-handed teens on the planet, phone dropping is inevitable. But you don’t have to get them a big, bulky, tank-like case to keep their phone protected. Try a silicone case instead, which comes in a variety of colors, so they can showcase their personality, and it features a microfiber lining to protect their phone from the inside out.

A pair of headphones that help them shut out the world

When your teen needs to focus on studying or just needs to wallow in sadness for a while, earbuds are a decent option. But if you really want them to feel like they’re on another planet, a pair of over-the-ear headphones is one of the must-have gifts for teens. With a stainless-steel headband that’s flexible and lightweight, noise cancelling capabilities, and exceptional acoustics for an unreal listening experience, they’ll be able to zero in on their schoolwork or get into the zone to enjoy their hobbies.

A weighted blanket that’s as stylish as it is cozy

Speaking of shutting out the world, a weighted blanket is a definite must-have for cozy nights of self-care. The best ones offer the weight without the heat, are made with eco-friendly materials, and come in a variety of hues, so you can find one that suits your teen’s unique sense of style. (Bonus points if you up the cozy factor with a pair of slippers.)

Some mood lighting for their room

The teen in your life doesn’t have to be a videographer or a gamer to create a mood in their room with a new hue. Instead of painting, invest in color-changing smart bulbs that can turn any shade of the rainbow to suit their mood. To go the extra mile, try a light strip that can be affixed to the ceiling and encircle the room. And if less is more for your teen, an alarm clock with a color-changing night light might do the trick (and bonus points for getting your teen out of bed in the morning).

A sleek water bottle that charges their tech

How many times do you catch yourself lecturing your teen about their water intake? Well, lecture no more. Just get them a 24-ounce wide-mouth water bottle that comes with a lanyard for easy carrying and features a portable battery pack. The 5700 mAh battery offers enough juice for two full charges for their device of choice… and if they don’t feel like carrying charging cables with them everywhere they go, the battery pack also features wireless charging.

A charging station that can handle all their portable tech

Chances are your teen is on their phone most of the day, which can drain their battery… and if they have their earbuds in their ears 24/7, they probably need recharging, too. And if they have a smartwatch? Say goodbye to your outlet space, unless you invest in a 3-in-1 charger, which is easily one of the best gift ideas for teens. It will charge their phone, earbuds, and smartwatch all at the same time, and all at a lightning-quick speed, so they don’t have to be offline for long.

A trackable tile to keep an eye on their stuff

Does the teen in your life have trouble keeping track of their things? Whether it’s their gym bag or backpack, their house keys, or even their favorite pair of sneakers, a trackable tile can help them find what’s missing in an instant. Just link the tile to their phone and when the item it’s attached to goes missing, use their phone to help track it down. And voila! House keys found.

An old-school record player with a modern twist

They say everything old is new again, which is why vinyl is making a resurgence for music-obsessed teens. Now they can take their music with them anywhere when you gift them a portable rechargeable record player. The retractable handle and detachable guitar strap make it easy to carry, and thanks to wireless technology, they can stream their records to an external speaker for a bigger sonic experience.

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