Graduation Gifts Grads Really Want

When it comes to graduation gifts, there are hundreds of gift options out there. Personalized gifts like scrapbooks and photo frames are great for capturing and displaying fond memories. However, don’t forget to gift the grad in your life with some essentials they would not be in a position to buy for themselves. We’ve got a few graduation gift ideas to help send your grad off in style!


A pair of headphones is a great gift option. If your graduate is heading off to college, consider gifting them noise-cancelling headphones. They can make a busy coffee shop into a quiet study space.  Wireless headphones are sure to wow any college graduate. They can be used throughout the day, from taking work calls in the office or listening to your workout mix at the gym.


Does the graduate in your life have the travel bug? Maybe you know they have been or are going to be gifted some type of travel for graduation. A nice piece of luggage that will last them for years to come is a classic option.

Smart Watch

A smart watch is a great gift for college graduation or high school graduation. Similar to headphones, a smart watch can be the perfect gift to help your grad stay connected on the go.

Smart Speaker

It’s rare to go wrong with gifting a smart product. A smart speaker could be a great gift for a grad at any stage. They could order more laundry detergent if they’re off to college, order an Uber to get them to that important interview, along with so many more cool things smart speakers can do.

Waterproof Phone Case

Whether the graduation gift you’re buying is for a high school or college grad, a waterproof phone case is always a good idea to protect their most important means of communication.

Gift Cards

If all other graduation gift ideas fail, turn to the always-handy gift card. Gift cards are available from an almost limitless selection of retailers, service providers, restaurants, and more, so there is bound to be a gift card that matches the interests of your grad.


Hopefully these gift ideas have inspired you with the perfect gift for the recent graduate. Now all that’s left is to teach them how to do their own laundry.

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