Celebrate National Coffee Day With AT&T

Get ready to raise your mugs, because September 29 is National Coffee Day!

Get ready to raise your mugs, because September 29 is National Coffee Day!

Our coffee options have come a long way from the choice between regular and decaf. Now we have lattes, cortados, and maachiatos. Bonus: Learn to speak a little Italian as the barista corrects your pronunciation. Coffee chains are pushing the envelope even further with pumpkin-, mermaid-, and unicorn-flavored drinks. I’m looking forward to the day a Bigfoot coffee drink is released!

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy your coffee black or iced. You’ll get a kick from these fun coffee facts:

  • The first webcam stream was of a coffee pot at the University of Cambridge, which helped let staff know if the pot was empty or not.
  • Most of the coffee we drink come from 2 species: Arabica and Robusta. The different coffee flavors and characteristics stem from a variety of factors. Among those are growing environment and climate, bean processing, and brewing technique.
  • Johan Sebastian Bach wrote the Coffee Cantata, a mini comedic opera about a woman addicted to coffee. It plays out like a classic parent-teen fight, where an unruly daughter refuses to give up her coffee habit. Her father then threatens to take away her fine dresses and her partying privileges. Talk about unfair grounds for punishment!
  • A waterpark and spa resort in Hakone, Japan offers unique amenities like indoor baths filled with coffee. If that’s not your cup of tea , there are other baths filled with wine, sake, or green tea.

Seattle Coffee Day Event

Seattle is the unofficial coffee capital of the U.S. If you’re in the area, celebrate National Coffee Day with us at these AT&T stores between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on September 29. Get a cup of coffee on us and check out the latest in cell phones, accessories, and entertainment options!

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